Thursday, July 11, 2013

Indiana BIG water honker goose hunt with Stumblin' Drake - Video

This is a fun little water hunt with the guys of Stumblin' Drake filming team. Join Nick and the boys on a perfect situation water hunt done with perfection. Letting the birds leave on their own to go feed is VERY important! And on this day, the weather cooperated and the birds were hungry for some midwest corn. With mild temps and light snow fall, the geese became very active. After the birds left the roost it was time to set up quickly and get ready for a speedy return. The boys shot the first few singles, pairs, and small flocks that came in to the spread. After a quick hunt with a limit of 2 birds each, the crew packed up and got out fast. Making this the perfect scenario to let the birds come back to rest with no pressure from hunters. Hunting smart is how we do it around here!

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