Friday, September 11, 2020

Virginia Early Season GOOSE HUNTING 2020 Video | There Were Honkers EVERYWHERE...


After a rough start to goose hunting for the 2020 early season here in Virginia we were able to get out on the river and track down some of the dumb resident birds we'd been hoping to get after. The morning started off well with us bumping birds less than 30 minutes into our float and the action proved to be consistent throughout the morning. We were able to jump shoot some birds and pass shoot others as they came back over the water and it turned out to be a spectacular day that netted us 17 geese. Hope y'all enjoy!

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

North Dakota Goose Hunting 2020 (Molts are Arriving) Video


The boys are back at it again, and trying to get a good shoot in. Dustin & I have been watching a field for a week, watching it grow when all of a sudden the next day more and more geese start showing up. We planned to set up on it the next morning and had a great shoot.